Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's like 4 in the morning , anyways ..


I hate everything about my school
the teacher the student

Since when the teachers starting to be jerks ?

Since the first day of school

Thats not very nice treating u badly not fair

My school before its not a religious school 
but it mixed
if student want it religious then they can take it
so it'll be half mix and half religious
then on 2005 they no longer take other race and religion other than muslim and malay
after that on 2010 , then starting to make all student into the religion class and finally become a religious school
so I'm the leftovers of the mixed class
so yeah , most of teachers look us the mixed class as the lower class

SO , yea 
I hope everything went well
I wanna move school next year so just hoping i can hold it

How many days of school do I have left ?

6-7 months more

There's rally last week . I was so sleepy so I decide to bring books to read em' to killed the sleepiness , then the overseer gimme a 1st warning not to read while the teacher is giving the speech , Idgaf what she said cause I'm trying to have a fight with my sleepiness . 
I see people infront of me doing their homework and talking to each other (Well since I don't have friends I always sit alone) and they don't even give a warning to em' . Then come to the last warning ; that bitch pull mah books I was like dafuq ?! 
So , I ask , why you pull mah books ? 
I don't even disturb your duty so fuck off . 
Then she get pissed and pull it even harder (She said something but I don't hear it clearly cause of teachers giving a motherfu*king long speech)
Then I said , If you want this book then take it ! It's a library books by the way , you can returned it for me bitch.
Then she silence for a second and said "Don't read it any more or else I'll tell the teacher"
I'd LOL and said fuck off.
After that when I leave the hall she ask my name and class . 
Since I can't lie my name cause I have a name tag So I give a fake class instant .

Theres another , Last year story .
I sign up myself to make the school magazine club, since I'm good at photoshop and such.

It's a special club , not all the student can join. There's only 15 members.
So I though this "SPECIAL CLUB" would be fun.
Till I realize that all of the members owned the DSLR camera.
(Well I don't have it :/)

So I feel like , I'm the loser.

The head of the club is Mrs. Rose (not real name)

She's not good at assembling plans really , at first she ask me to do this , then 
change it into that then delete that and she want that back I need to re-do it again ... STFU ! 

There's one day she need to do a paper work cause the deadline was that day so she ask me to fucking do it , WTF ? I'm a fucking student , I don't do this shit. 

Oh and , people at my school office don't know how to work with tech. They don't even know how to work the motherfu*king printer !

GOD ! My school is so LAME.

Oh and most of the special member don't know how to work with Photoshop/Firework and stuff like that , they only want the photography position. They got to be the special member because they know how to use Picnik. WHAT THE FUCK ?

Finally , I left the SPECIAL CLUB without notice. Because FUCK EM !



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