Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bleh :/

  I'm 16 year old Asian virgin female .

Acne. Big thighs , ugly legs and arms. Ugly face . My face is so horrible, aside from the fact that I'm ugly, my face is full of acne, scars, comedones and blackheads . I can't wear nice clothes because I have bad body . My family own a restaurant but eh , my parents took all of the profit , I do help em' every weekend by took care of the cashier , I used to took some money from the cash box to survive . I have 6 siblings (including me) 4 guys and 2 girls (I'm the third) . and I don't really get along with the guys . I used to get along with my sister but she changed after she gone to collage . My mum always bought a new branded watches every month . I am useless in my family , I can't do housework and I only do my own business . We used to have a maid but my parents fired her cause she stupid . So , now all the housework dependent on me , since I'm the only daughter in this fucking house . This house only have PC with no WiFi . thus , my other siblings have their own laptop and broadband . Me ? I used the public PC and WiFi . (Sometimes I borrow my sister laptop , if only she on holidays and back home and in good mood) . My room are SUPER MESSED ! because of my sister BFF shits are inside my room , I blame my sister but my sis blame me back cause I don't tidy it up even my mum on her side . I mean , It's her stuff not mine so fuck it . I like to grounded myself in my room cause that make me feel more calm . I used to go mad once , I rip off my clothes , cry then laugh then talk to myself . I was planning to use the anti depression pill , I don't know . My mum usually give me a injection if I gone mad . A injection is not enough for me , I need more , She think I'll be fine an injection . I don't smoke but I do Shiha-ing .
OVERALL: I can live with myself and money

fuck school , especially math , I'm trying to understand math this year but fuck the front rows . The bitchy girls always get in my way , always keep asking question till the teacher can't hear me . fuck you guys . I don't have any real friends who understand me . I used to have BFF but in the end we'll go with our own path . I'm used to be socialize but I changed cause I'm tried form being fake in front of those hoes . During the break time , I'll stay at class by myself rather going to the cafeteria . My teachers don't give a fuck about me so I IDGF to . They think silence student would understand what they teaching ? hell no ! . Counseling ? they give the same advice all year . The school system ? its a religion school . Don't have music and bands , they don't even have a drum set at the hall , while other school have em' . Music and art are my ability but the school have none . They do have art club but they're dead . I used to work with the school magazines but I quit at the end cause of stupid teachers don't know how to used a Photoshop and printer ! I need to do their work , at last my work does not finish and they blame me , fuck you Media Creative Club SMKS 18 (this club are for the richest bitches hoe who have DSLR camera with no Photoshop experience)
Exam is coming next week , I don't think I can do it and I don't give a fuck about it . I'm the most silence student in the school but I'll have my revenge soon .
OVERALL: Fuck school and hoes

Most of my date want my body . All my ex-boyfriend said I'm pretty , yeah right , if I'm pretty I would be dating with someone right now . Now I know what they mean by pretty . MY BOOBS . my size are 38B I admit they are beautiful cause of their nice shape and no scars . I really want to date someone who is understanding and not because of my boobs .
OVERALL: I need someone ...

I'm lonely ...
All I wanted is to be on the fame , get married and live happily ever after .
Is that hard ? :(

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